Fast & Fun Method

Piano Lessons with Philippe Boudal


Philippe has studied music and piano in the Music Academy of Bayonne (France). He has since played with many bands in France and Ireland.

Conscious that music academies and music theory require a lot of work and dedication before being able to actually play, Philippe has developed a new approach that allows beginners and intermediate players to progress in a much quicker, easier and fun way.

Over the last two years, that method has allowed more than 250 pupils to learn the piano beyond their expectations and play their favorite songs and pieces in no time.



Stop thinking that learning the piano and electronic keyboard is difficult …

How many of your friends have had classical piano lessons when they were younger? How many are still playing today?…

As opposed to the classic learning methods, this approach consists in learning how a piano keyboard works so that you can retrieve all chords and scales by yourself. Added to some practice and finger exercises, this knowledge will allow you to play any of your favourite songs in various modern music styles such as pop, rock, blues, jazz, soul,  reggae, electro…

Once comfortable with the most common chords and scales, you will also be able to improvise and create your own songs and piano pieces.

All along the program, the key element is fun. The student must fall in love with the piano keyboard. Instead of spending years learning and exercising without having a chance to really enjoy playing, this class will focus on making sure you can play what you like very quickly.

Any music piece can be played. It can be played in more or less complex ways;  only with chords leaving space for a singer, with arpeggios, with bluesy improvisations, a jazzy touch, with electronic sounds faking organs or violins… It all depends on your skills, your desire and your inspiration!

Get started and enjoy yourself …

Beginners will learn how a piano keyboard works and how to play with the main chords. More experienced musicians may want to learn how to improvise or play along with a band.

All students can get a chance to rehearse with other musicians during our jam sessions, and play live during our school gigs in one of the Dublin venues.

Not many keyboard players are available in and around Dublin. This is also a great opportunity for whoever would like to join a band in no time.

Keyboard and Piano Lessons in Dublin 2