Music Production

Anyone can create and record original songs …

With minimum equipment, anyone can now create original songs, record instruments and voices, and finalize the project on a computer.

Many softwares allow you to record and edit the tracks you need for your song. Although most of those softwares are easy to use, you can also waste many hours if you don’t know how to handle them.
With Brian’s lessons you will learn the 3 steps of Music Production:

 Write a song РRecord it РEdit and Finalize it



You have so inspiration for Music …

You have some inspiration but need direction to write a song?
You have song ideas but don’t know how to put it together?
You write Lyrics but don’t know how to put it into music?
You want to improve the quality of your songs?
You play an instrument and would like to record it?
You want to make electronic tracks but don’t know where to start?

Our solutions !

Song Writing (Music and Lyrics)

Whatever music style your are into, Brian will help you putting your song ideas together. That involves working on the structure of the song, adjusting the lyrics, perfecting chords and harmonies…

Recording (real of sampled instruments)

Whether you use real instruments or samples, you will learn how to get the best sound from it, and incorporate them into your creations. That involves the recording of acoustic and electric instruments, the recording of sampled sounds using the computer or midi keyboards.

Editing and Finalizing

Once happy with the music and lyrics, and after recording the different parts, you will learn how to tweak the sounds playing with volumes and effects so that you have a well balanced song.


Get started and enjoy yourself …

Before booking your weekly lessons, get a free introductory one. You will have a chance to meet our Music Production teacher, talk about your background and your ideas. Brian will explain you how our lessons can help you bringing your ideas to life!

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